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Butter Tofu

This dish takes the flavours of the famed Butter Chicken and combines that with tofu and coconut milk to ensure our vegan friends do not miss out on India's most popular dish.



Butter Chicken

Chunks of chicken along with possibly the best combination of Indian spices available to create India's most iconic dish? Yes, please!



Honey Chicken

Honey chicken combines the best of Indo-Chinese cooking using sweet and spicy elements for a distinctive flavour.


Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry

Kerala Chicken Stew is a popular and traditional breakfast item (Yes, we eat chicken stew for breakfast) that combines the creaminess of coconut along with spices and tender pieces of chicken.



Creamy Coconut Potato Curry

This dish elevates the flavour of the simple potato with ginger, a bit of chili and rounded off with coconut milk to balance those flavours. And did we mention that this is a vegan friendly dish?



          Sri Lanka

Coconut Chicken Curry

Inspired by Sri Lankan flavors, this dish uses potato, carrot, tender pieces of chicken and finally finished off with creamy coconut milk for an explosion of juiciness.


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Honey Tofu

Our Honey Chicken dish has been a stand out with most of our favourite vegan customers all requesting for a vegan alternative and here it is!

A sweet and spicy mix that tingles your taste buds all over.




Egg roast is a dish native to Kerala, India consisting of eggs roasted in a masala gravy.

Egg Roast


Chicken Cafreal

 Chicken Cafreal is a dish native to the Indian state of Goa.

This dish consists of succulent deep-green colour from the coriander leaves, and intricately balanced aroma from various spices, such as cinnamon, ginger and garlic.
This is a Goan delicacy without which a festive feast is not complete.




Our menú


We use vegetable ghee across all our dishes!

(Ghee: Clarified plant-based vegan butter)

Feel free to contact us regarding your allergies! 

Curry me opens for orders twice a week          
Curry Me will offer you an option of 2 curries
 that you can order, including a vegan/vegetarian variant.          
When to place orders?          
Orders for Weekday service are open until Tuesday (18:00)          
Orders for Weekend service are open until Friday (18:00)           

When will your order be delivered?          
Weekday service delivery will be on Wednesday (between 18:30 and 19:15)          
Weekend service delivery will be on Saturday (between 18:30 and 19:15)


Matar Paneer

This dish consists of peas and cottage cheese with a tomato based curry and is one of North India's most popular dishes.



Potato Biryani

If you thought we forgot about our vegetarian friends through biryani, fear not! This dish replaces chicken with potato and captures the true essence of Hyderabadi biryani.


Chicken Biryani

This mixed rice dish with spices and Chicken plays it's part as India's universal language. Every state has it's own variations, but the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani stands out for its unique preparation method. Originating in the 1500's, half cooked rice is combined with marinated chicken and flavorful spices, sealed and cooked slowly using steam and internal pressure.





Pressure cooked red split lentils tempered with ghee makes this a simple and accessible dish across India. A hint of cumin seeds and garlic only serves to amplify the flavours of this dish. Dal Tadka can be found from 5 star hotels to your local roadside dhabas. A hero across the lands.

Free with every meal

Extra Dal €2


What does a simple combination of basmati rice, cloves, cardamom and last but not least, ghee, get you? You get a warm, fluffy bed of rice that brings out all buttery and nutty background note that ghee brings to the table.

Free with every meal

 Ghee Rice



This cool side dish is a must with any biryani. Cool yoghurt with tomatoes and coriander creates the perfect balance to your steaming hot biryani.

Free with Biryani

Extra Raita €2



Roti is a round flatbread made from stoneground whole meal flour, one of the most loved addition to our curries.

Free with every meal

Extra Roti €2

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